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Posredujemo vabilo na mednarodno konferenco 6th Days of Educational Sciences: Future of Education: New Directions in Research and Practice, ki bo organizirana v Zagrebu of 16. do 18. oktobra 2024.

In contemporary times marked by an exceptional development of technologies, the presence of global crises and constant social changes, and even tensions that shape the complex context of the educational system, it is imperative to seek new educational paradigms and shape innovative developmental directions that can address these challenges.

At the conference "Future of Education" we wish to analyse contemporary educational phenomena and processes, and outline the directions that will redefine the future of educational research and practice. The conference is open to various topics, and particularly encourages papers on:

  • trends in the development of education, schooling, teaching profession, etc.
  • innovative practices of learning and teaching that inspire and empower pupils/students and teachers and ensure the acquisition of relevant knowledge and competencies for life in the 21st century
  • inclusive practices that successfully address increasing diversity in classrooms and foster the development and advancement of all pupils/students, regardless of the settings that they come from or their individual characteristics
  • possibilities of contemporary technologies to improve learning, teaching and assessment
  • educational policy and reforms that have the potential to transform the educational system positively
  • influence of broader social phenomena and changes (e.g., migrations, increase of social inequalities, climate changes) on the educational system
  • new approaches in educational research.

The conference is envisioned as a place of networking, learning, rich discussions, and collaboration of scientists of different profiles and researchers-practitioners looking for solutions for better quality educational experiences for all. We invite you to join us in a dialogue and joint reflection on the future of education.

Welcome to the 6th Days of Educational Sciences 2024 ‘Future of Education: New Directions in Research and Practice’!

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